Internet Speed Monitor (PRO) Apk for Android

Internet Speed Monitor Pro
Overview Information
Name Internet Speed Monitor
Requires Android 4.1

The Internet Speed Monitor is an application that specializes in the internet speed display.
It can always be displayed on the screen and shows the internet speed in real time.

The popular function of the Data Usage Monitor has been turned into an app.
Flexible settings and high functionality.

Free version features
- Monitoring internet speed.
- Add a variety of settings.

PRO version features
- Judgment function of the currently communicating application.
- Hide ads.

■About the permissions used by this application

[Read phone status and identity]
To get the amount of data usage by app and to identify the communicating app

[Wi-Fi connection information]
To determine the type of communication
Location permission was added since Android 9.0 to get SSID information, so please turn it off if you are under Android 9.0 or don't need SSID information.

[Full network access]
Show Network Connection.
For advertising display.
To collect information needed to improve the app, such as error information.

[Run at startup]
In order to automatically start the resident service when the terminal is started.

[draw over other apps]
To display the internet speed monitor with an overlay.

What's news

- Bug fix.

- Fixed a bug that the position of the monitor cannot be moved to the bottom of the screen on some devices.
- Adjusting the Monitor Display
- Other bug fixes

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